May 18 2009

Three Habits of Highly Effective Writers

Famous Poet Robert Frost.
Famous Poet Robert Frost.

Once you have been writing for a while, you will find yourself in need of better organization of your efforts in order to best leverage your time as a freelance writer. Three of the habits you can attempt to mimic of highly effective writers are: 1- Being Proactive, 2 – Prioritization, and 3 – Setting Realistic Goals. A great thing about the Internet, is that you can seek out those who are doing well in the niche or area of online writing you have chosen and incorporate ideas that would work for yourself. If you’re having trouble determining what works for other writers, you can also ask questions through email, blog comments and so forth.


#1 Habit of Highly Effective Freelance Writers – Be Proactive

Just like in other areas of business, to be an effective freelance writer, you have to be proactive in order to succeed. If you just sit back and wait for jobs to come to you, then its very possible you will fail to meet your financial goals for freelance writing. Don’t be afraid to communicate with potential clients on a regular basis. A good place to get started selling yourself is through on-line forums such as Digital Point or Net Builders in the marketplace portion of their forums. Potential clients will be soliciting writers and you can also offer your services to those on the forum. Just remember, the odds of getting a freelance writing job that you don’t inquire about is 0%!!.  

#2 Habit of Highly Effective Freelance Writers – Prioritize Your Work

Once you have been writing for a bit, you’ll quickly find yourself with more work than you can reasonably handle in a given week. It’s a fine balance to properly prioritize your work while also avoiding the big ‘No-No’ of being late on projects. Just like the Pareto Principle states, you will see a bigger gain from a smaller percentage of your work, so be smart in how you prioritize the work queue!

#3 Habit of Highly Effective Freelance Writers – Set Goals

Once you have writing gigs that are beyond coming up with your own topics to publish through Associated Content or your own blog, you will need to start setting goals for your work. Whether its to decide how many articles per publishing means you are going to do daily, weekly, and monthly, or just frequency of projects, setting a goal gives you something to work towards with your writing. The biggest thing to remember with goal setting is that there is no such thing as an unrealistic goal with your writing, just the timeframes that you set for achieving those goals may have to be tempered a bit.



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