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People start freelance writing for two reasons: 1 – To Make Money Working at Home and 2 – To share their ideas with the world. I was a combination of both but didn’t even think of writing to make money until coming across some articles on the subject by sheer accident surfing the Internet one day. So, whether you need to help make some ends meet or just ready to start sharing your ideas with the world, Get Started Freelance Writing! Why put it off? It costs nothing to start. Read some of my articles on how to get started, format your writing, and finding topics!

Here recently, I’ve been getting hit up a lot to help out some friends, associates, etc, on getting started with WordPress and some other tools for going out alone and unafraid in parallel with contract writing gigs. So, the first of several tutorials for them (and me), and hopefully you to:

How to Install WordPress for the New Writer – A step by step guide on helping you install WordPress.

10 Steps to Configure Your First WordPress Blog

Step by Step Guide to Starting Freelance Writing

or Read the Getting Started Articles Individually Here:

Need to Work From Home? Freelance Writing May Be Your Answer

The first article to read if you’re interested in starting freelance writing to help make money by working at home! There’s no point in starting unless you know what you’re getting into!

Working From Home – Getting Started Freelance Writing

Read this article once you’re interested in trying out freelance writing as an income opportunity! I take you through how to get started writing with Associated Content to get you going on the road to making money working at home.

Work From Home – Writing Your First Freelance Article Making Money Online -

By this point, you’ve signed up for one or many websites to start writing and making money. I walk you through the steps of writing your first article so you don’t muck up as much as I did!

Researching Your First Freelance Article

Ok, so maybe this should be before writing your first article, but I wrote this one as a guide on how to research topics that you may not be able to write from memory on!

SEO Tips for the New Freelance Writer

Once you get started writing, you’ll start to wonder how the heck do you get people to read your work so you can make more money! This article introduces the mystical topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to you and gives some beginning tips for how you should approach SEO in your article writing.

Work at Home – Five Freelance Article Ideas to Get You Started

You may want to read this article when you’re ready to get started writing if you can’t think of a topic to get going. Or, save it until you get stuck for topics!

Here are a few niches that I write about how to get started in each if you need a little more help getting started freelance writing:

Work at Home Writing About Cars

Work at Home Writing About Cooking

Make Money Freelance Writing About Sports

Make Money Writing for eHow

Make Money Freelance Writing for Hubpages

Make Money Freelance Writing for Info Barrel

Make Money Writing for Life123

Want to Find Freelance Gigs? Here’s a Good Place to Start:

Finding Freelance Writing Gigs

To Get You in the Right Mindset:

Where Do You Fit in to the Dot Com Lifestyle??

How to Gain an Advantage on the Competition - A guest post from Corey Freeman on how to improve your writing quality in order to make more money working online.

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